Found Tyler House Buyers To Buy A Rental Home I Owned

I was given a home when I was younger and lived in it for a short while when I was going to college, but after graduating I decided I wanted to buy a larger home. I wanted to keep this one to rent out. So I found a home I wanted to buy and got a loan with the bank. After getting moved into my new home, I started getting the other house ready to rent out. I had been fixing it up and making sure everything was nice and ready. Then I found someone to rent it off of me. They signed the year lease and moved in shortly after that.

After living there for the term of the lease they moved out. They left a mess behind with my house and tore a good bit of things up. I had to put a good bit of money back into the house to get it fixed up to rent out again since I was unable to recover the money from the past renters. I found renters that seemed to be honest and trustworthy after that and they signed a lease agreement to live there for a year. However, the lease stated there were no pets allowed and they moved pets in anyways. These pets destroyed the carpet and ruined the flooring in the house. After these renters moved out, I knew I had to do something with this home. I started looking at options to sell it and how much I could get out of it. Being a landlord and dealing with tenants that were tearing things up wasn’t for me. I looked around to see what homes in the area were going for and knew I wouldn’t be able to get that much out of my home with all the damage and work that needed to be done to it. I looked around for Tyler house buyers to buy the home from me free and clear and get it off my hands. I found a few different Tyler house buyers that were able to give me quotes on my home. They told me what they could buy the home from me for and I decided to go with the one that gave me the highest offer amount.

I was so happy once all the paperwork was complete and I was no longer a landlord. My life has been much easier since.

• • •